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Kernersville Friends Church began in 1906 with a tent meeting and revival on the spot where the first Meetinghouse was built. Kernersville Friends Meeting for Worship was founded in the rich tradition of the Quaker church through the energy of Myrtle and Shepherd Nelson. Our founders laid a firm foundation for the work of the Holy Spirit in its services and its influence on the town. The current building was built in 1953 and a large fellowship hall added in the '70's.  The "Meeting" soon became an anchor church in the town and remained so for many years. The church endured some challenging "seasons" as many often do, but is in a growing pattern currently.

On June 2, 2019 the church welcomed Jeff Barnes as its new pastor.  "We are excited about the improvements to our campus, our increased attendance, and a new energy that the the Holy Spirit has sparked in our congregation." 

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On July 24, 1909, a committee was formed by New Garden Monthly Meeting to set up Kernersville Friends Meeting. 
In 1908 property was aquired and the first Meetinghouse was built. There was no full time minister, so students from Guilford College were used frequently to fill the pulpit.


The first service held in the current structure was on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1953.
A new church Fellowship Hall was constructed in the 1970's.

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Friends doctrine is based on Holy Scriptures. Founder of Quakerism, George Fox preached adamantly against the regulation and abuse of the Church of England and sought to acquire a peace that can only come through the Holy Spirit. Learn more about George Fox online.

Specific doctrine relating to Friends (Religious Society of Friends) can also be found online.

The Faith and Practice is a "Book of Discipline" used by Friends Church of North Carolina and can be viewed at

The Quaker Dozen has long been a simple and clear example of the desires of Friends for their daily lives.

Just after the cornerstone was laid for the 1953 building, dignitaries rushed inside out of the rain for a picture. Left to right on the front row: former pastor Orah Barker; Harold Ritzie, pastor of Ashboro Street Friends in Greensboro; Heshel Folger; Hewey and Joetta Parrish; C.E. Idol; Dorothy Idol; Myrtle Nelson (charter member); Clyde Shore (Yearly Meeting treasurer WS); Back Row: Howard Yow, former pastor; Seth Hinshaw, Executive Secretary of Yearly Meeting; Thomas Hendrix, Pastor; Isaac Harris, and Victor Murchison. The first service in the $40,000 church was Easter Sunday, April 5, 1953.

In 1975 the church broke ground for a new Fellowship Hall, doubling the size of the campus. Myron Leonard presided over the ceremony.

The next picture is a view of the church from April 2020. The last photo shows the latest upgrade to the sanctuary, a new sound and video system along with new choir chairs.


Hugh White, Mary Moon, Annie Williams, Epsie Allred, Ora Barker, Albert Peele, Virgil Pike, Milner A. Cox, Waldo Weoody, Beatrice Carmine, Lela Sills Garner, Hugh Moore, Howard Yow, Carl Yow, Issac Harris, Talmadge Knight, Reuben Pain, John Permar, Gene Clark, Tom Hendrix, Francis Carrier, Kenneth wood, Luther McPherson, James Toothaker, Leslie Winslow, Buford Frye, Myron Leonard, Issaic Phillips, Ronnie Sessoms, Myron Leonard, Harold Ritzie, Paul Williamson, Jerry Gibbons, Jeff Barnes

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