Two Basic Rules

Throughout the ministry of our Lord Jesus he faced criticism about not observing all of the rules of the pharisees'.

Jesus gave two basic rules to live by- love God with all your heart, mind, soul,and strength, and love your neighbor as your self.(Matthew 22:36-40).

Since everybody will not follow God's two rules,we do need some overarching rules to be sure that people are given opportunities and rights they deserve. But how many rules does that take?

Only thirty years into the creation of the church,Paul would spend a lot of time battling those that did not live by the two basic rule system.  Thus Paul spent much time balancing the scales between law and grace. 

Today,church leaders have to spend time preventing or fixing the damage of division.  This is valuable time not spent reaching people for Jesus, and that is just what Satan wants.

If the enemy of our souls can inspire division among the Body of Christ, he can distract servants of the Lord from what they should be doing.  People who cause division are never acting on behalf of God. 

Gossip and division only hurt the Work of God, please note the people who are divisive and then go read Romans 16:17-18.  It's not often we are told in the Bible to avoid specific individuals, but we are told to avoid those who cause division. 

Friend is it not better to live by God's two rule system ??

At Kernersville Friends the emphasis is on the unconditional love of our Lord Jesus.  If you need strength and discernment to recognize the battles that Satan orchestrates I would be glad to help you understand Jesus two basic rules to live by.

Pastor Jerry