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Serving IS a calling

The name "Friends" is taken from the words of Jesus.  "You are my friends if you do what I command you.  "The term "Quaker" was first a nickname given to these early Friends because they "trembled" under the Power of the Holy Spirit.  As Friends we focus on the value systems of simplicity, peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Christian service to others.  Wow that sounds really "spiritual" does it not?  Yet if we do not put our faith in action it is just simply words.  My thoughts this Thanksgiving season and fast approaching Holiday season,is based on serving as a calling.

The scripture shares some great insight in Matthew 20:20-28, its worth your time to read.  Christains use various names that are biblically expressed.  Believers, friends, brothers, sisters, however there is one that we don't call ourselves is "Servants of Christ".  That is what the Lord tells us to be.  After Jesus bowed his head as the disciples argued about who was the greatest, who was the most spiritual, who really had the "real" Christian experience.  Jesus lifts his bowed head and speaks softly and he just turns their worldy thinking and mindset upside down.  He blows there sacred cows to the wayside.

Christ is not just our Savior but also our Lord and Master, and we have a responsibity to follow His example.  Just as Jesus served His father by caring for people; so we serve our God through avenues of care, concern, compassion as we are called to meet the temporal and spiritual needs of those around us.

Serving others is a calling,when I hear fellow Christians say I don't feel a leading to serve cause perhaps you have a mind set like the disciples, this is the way we have always done it,  this is the only way we worship.  That is a major hindrance with this attitude and self-centered.  At Kernersville Friends we have a growing group of young believers who are becoming passionate about serving, it is a calling to them.  As a pastoral minister I must say makes it me tremble with Holy Joy.

The Lord has designed specific works for each of us to do in our life time.  There are spiritual gifts that come with a special calling, yet is not all service a calling.(eph 2:10).?  If we only take in and never give out, we will miss much of what He has planned for us.

When I think of serving as a calling. I think of a dear saint of God in our church Miss Daisy.  Someone told her I did not get anything out of that worship service.   Miss Daisy in her gentle yet firm manner ask this poor critical soul a ? she asked do you have the holyspirit in you?  This poor soul said oh yes I have the holy spirit.  Miss Daisy replied then why did you not bring him (The HOLY SPIRIT) with you to worship today?

Dear friend serving God's family, Church, country, neighbors, friends and even our enemies is such a great joy.  Good news is the benefits are out of this world,lol,  By the way if you did not get it, HEAVEN. 


Pastor JERRY W Gibbons