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What is all this quietness all about?  Those that have been raised and rocked in the cradle of Friends worship think this is normal and feel very strong about the Faith and Practice and Open Worship. So i would like to explain in simple words about our worship style and beliefs. 

One of the unique aspects of Friends is the time of Open Worship.  It is a time which provides a period for individual meditation during the service.  It may be at the beginning, the middle or end of the service.  As the Spirit leads us we are not bound by ritualistic worship.  

So when you attend Kernersville Friends and every body is quiet just hold on,  it is great!!  Be still and know that God is speaking and out of that silence you may be lead to sing.  By all means get up and let it rip!  Or you may be lead to read scripture, or you may edify the believers thru words of true spiritual encouragement.  So silent worship is something we value greatly, yet we are not legalistic about it. 

We are open to new intergenerational styles of worship.  We vaule the hymns, times of the prayer circle where  friends gather and hold hands and pray as a fellowship. Everybody is special at KFM. 

Don't feel bad, about 12 years ago I had never attended a Quaker church.  My background was Methodist in nature so when i was invited to a Friends Meeting I asked the same questions.  I am sad to say that I did not get very good answers, I was just told, 'Well we are just Quakers!' 

I laugh about it now yet I take this 'quietness' experience very seriously.  I have found in my personal faith for this to be a very sacred time of spiritual, Holy communion, where each person can share in silence, vocal prayer or spoken testimony. 

We as friends must be open that message of the living Christ does not change, yet methods do, so we provide diversity in our worship experience. 

So we promote Christ's love in a very warm friendly atomosphere yet we do not try to put people in a box of tradition.  We balance our faith and Quakers have come a long way!  I don't wear a black hat although for now at least i do have black hair,lol!!!

Everybody at KFM is equal and accepted for who you are.  Our meeting is open to everyone even if you are like me and your background is not Quaker.  I know I have come to love the Friends faith. Jesus said I have called you friends!!

The future is bright at KFM and I just wanted to share my thoughts about our quiet time.  While that style worship is going forth in power yet we are not in bondage to it.  We teach that denomnationalism can get in the way and what matters is your personal experience.  Let every one work out your personal salvation with fear and trembling.  

Watch out now, that quietness, silence, will move ya and when the spirit moves, I ask you to be faithful to Gods leading. 

Grace, Peace. 
Pastor Jerry