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No Judgement Zone!!

We have received a number of postive questions about our history, strong belief system and about the "Labels" post in the blog!

We live in a world where the "church" has been very critical and judgmental of those who have a past.  In other words they have not been "perfect", yet they have asked God directly to forgive them and they moving on in serving God and others.  

"Churches" are known far and wide for spending so much time policing everybody elses behaviour that they fail to see the speck in their own eyes. 

Why should we spend our time assigning labels and judging others, when we are told clearly by God that it is by GRACE we are saved? 

YOU, ME, we are simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!  We cannot possibly EARN our way into heaven, it is only by GRACE that we are forgiven and made pure in HIS sight!  Every person is equal in the eyes of God we have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God and his holiness.

Your relationship is personal.  It is between you and God. 

We as a fellowship don't ask about your past, that is between you and God.  If God has forgiven you then in order for us to prosper we must forgive you also!!  

Remember, everybody is a minister you are put here to be an agent of peace, hope and reconciliation.

Please don't let 'organized religion' make you feel that you have gone too far, that your sin is "too bad to be forgiven!!!"

If you are worried about YOUR SIN being....too bad, too awful, I would love to spend some time with you and show you in the Bible where he addressed this SPECIFICALLY!!!  

Again, this is between you and God, but I can assure you, the ONLY thing you have to do, is simply pray, "God, I am not perfect and I have sinned.  Please Forgive me..."  That is really is that simple...that is the power of GRACE.  (Amazing Grace indeed!!)

So regardless of your past we call you FRIEND

None of us are perfect but thanks be to God we are Forgiven!!!! 

Pastor Jerry