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God is at work!!!

June 14, 2010

The scriptures tell us that we are workers together. I remember 9 years ago to this day when the ministry counsel called me to be Pastor of Kernersville Friends. These were some questions asked and various statements made during the interview process that I have remembered fondly and laughed over during our time together.

"We NEED a Pastor"

"Do you know how to Preach?"

"We don't have no money, would you be willing to work a public job?"

"Our attendance is very low, 35 on a Sunday morning if we are lucky."

Yet what broke my heart the most when they said we have no children, no young adult ministries and one bold elder spoke up and said "We are dying!!  If God does not do a miracle we will have to shut the doors." 

Then the question was asked "If we present your name to monthly meeting will you come and be our pastor?"
I started at kernersville friends June 14th 2001 and 9 years later I am writing about our journey and the fact that God is at WORK!!  I tell you my friends that there is no un-employment in Gods kingdom. Humbly may we all say "To God be the Glory."

I wanted to share a few words of encouragement.  It is very important that we take "inventory" of our assets and ask ourselves are we growing or are we dying?
Our clerk shared the following 10 areas of how God has been watering and nurturing Kernersville Friends.
1.  Children's Church is now averaging 10 students each week.  We have found a curriculum that meets the needs of our children as well as those who are teaching.
2.  Sunday School.  The childrens department has added a class, so we now have 3 classess with six teachers, a music leader, and a pianist. 

[Jerry's note, we love seeing the young folks in the church.  If you get the children you will get mom and dad and that is God at work.  More young adults are attending Sunday School then we have seen in years and we are running out of chairs!!!!    LOL we are finding more chairs    :)            ]

3.  We have created an atmosphere where both tradtional and contemporary music is shared by our worship leaders as they feel led, just like they want Pastor Jerry to share in message as he feels led by the Holy Spirit.
4.  Our clerk also shared our offering has increased by 8% over last year for the period of January to May of 2009 and 2010.
5.  Pastor Jerry reports that the Salem church has seen 19 professions of faith!

6.  We are seeing new people visting our meeting.  At the present we have close to 6 couples and families meeting with Pastor Jerry and learning / reflecting on what it means to be Christian/Quaker.
7.  Our elders have begun a vistitation program that is working well.
8.  We are making our meeting more accessible to everyone by redoing the entrance to the fellowship hall.  [Wheelchair ramps are now available leading directly into the fellowship hall!!]

9.  Since January 1st we have had over 350 visitors to our website. The people found us and then spent time reading Jerry's messages reading about our worship and what we beleive.   Yes God is at work.
10.  Ladies prayer group is very active(usfw.)  There is much desire to start a men fellowship group to help those who are hurting and needing that non judgemental atmosphere to come and pray and love one another as brothers in Christ.
After leaving monthly meeting I agree with Mildred Weavil who said "Best monthly meeting she had been in for a long time."

Now we must press forward, keep working, praying, seeing the lost saved. 

God is at work at Kernersville Friends. 

Vacation Bible school this year is awesome. (Pirate theme!!!)

It is amazing what God does when we take our hands off of traditions of men and instead concentrate on doing Gods will. 

Blessings.....Pastor Jerry (and his baby girl....Miss Katie!!)

If you would like to know more about our church feel free to contact me thru our church website or email me directly at