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Faith and Facts about Depression

Clinical depression is an epidemic that is taking the world by storm.  Many faith communities and ministers overlook this disorder as minor.

It is my considered opinion that the facts are real.  There are a great many deaths, and suicide attempts and they should open our eyes as people of faith that this is far from minor.  

Here are just a few facts:
  • 18.9 million Americans are affected by depressive disorder.  
  • Depression is a mental and spiritual battle that affects one 1 in 8 Americans.  
  • 122 million people around the world currently suffer from depression.

Let's consider together as faith communities perhaps some ways we can help.

  1. Pray, find solitude in the promises of God.  Matthew 11:28.
  2. Get involved in a ministry for example a men's or women group that are open to developing positive friends to create a support system.
  3. Seek professional help NO ONE is "too cool" to seek help when in need.
  4. Journal your thoughts and feelings on paper, take notes of your ups and downs.

May we no longer send the message that coming to Christ as our personal Savior eliminates the struggles within that causes isolation.

With compassionate concern.

Pastor Jerry