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Pastor Jerry's Blog!

In a world of greed, endless hurry and violence, there is a better way of life.  This is made possible by Jesus Christ who shows us the mercy of God and His infinite love.  The Spirit of Christ accompanies us day by day, helping us to find goodness among the difficult choices that constantly confront us.  Here at Kernersville Friends, we invite you to explore spiritual life among friends.  We have discovered that when people start to listen for divine guidance within themselves, the Holy Spirit leads them into a community of fellow believers.
We delight to share the joy of knowing and worshipping God.  With Jesus as our Teacher and Lord, we learn what it means to love one another and to live in unity.   Living a good life is not a matter of following outward rules that God is holding over our heads but goodness comes into our lives spiritually through the inward presence and guidance of Jesus Christ.  Jesus told His followers, “I have called you friends because I have made known to you everything that I have heard from my Father.”  - John 15:15

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Pastor Jerry Gibbons